22 December 2018

Science, at its best, tries to extract some measure of truth about the world from a combination of observation and theory. Politics, even at its best, may be more concerned with perception than truth, using the former as a means to advance policy goals. So, what happens when the two collide in addressing a possibly […]

11 December 2018

The United Nations climate summit is over, the weary diplomats have gone home, and now the historic deal is being dissected by scientists. Climate researchers’ dire warnings about global warming helped spur negotiators to draft this unprecedented international agreement, which commits both rich and poor countries to rein in greenhouse gas emissions in the coming […]

10 December 2018

Donald Trump marched through the Republican presidential primary field this year on the strength of a focused message: America used to be great. It isn’t anymore. And that’s mostly the fault of the Obama administration. On Thursday, Trump applied that same thesis to American energy production. “America’s incredible energy potential remains untapped,” he told a […]